Sunday, February 5, 2012


Check out the pieces I selected!

Today was the big day. I was up until 1:30 a.m. anxiously awaiting the arrival of the full Jason Wu collection at Target. I managed to score the cat print scarf, my number one goal, then retired to bed. This morning I woke up around 7, got ready, then headed to Target. When I arrived, there were only a handful of people in line, so I waited out most of the time in my car because it was freezing! As soon as I saw more cars begin to pull in I hopped in line, and only had to stand for 10 minutes before the doors opened. I was able to get my hands on a piece of everything, except a cat scarf! So glad I ordered online! I was wanting to purchase another one in store just for insurance, but oh well! I ended up leaving with 6 pieces, all of which I'm extremely satisfied with! Everyone was saying that the sizing was very hit or miss, but to me everything seemed pretty true except the trench which ran quite large. Overall, the quality was pretty good! Much better than other clothing from Target. Its pretty much all polyester and rayon, but the polyesters feel as nice as silk and the rayons feel like a very soft cotton or modal fabric. I was absolutely in love with the mustard poplin top, but it left me disappointed. It was very frumpy at the top which was not a good pairing with the peplum bottom. I ended up loving way more items than I had initially thought, and some of the items I had fallen in love with from the adds were cut instantly from my selection upon trying them, such as the adorable floral mesh top and floral pleated skirt. Something about the fit of it made it look too forced, not perfectly seamless as it does in the ads. My favorite piece is probably the blue top with pleats. Its such a gorgeous color for spring and I can see it paired so many different ways. The shift dress was the most unexpected choice for me. For some reason I imagined it as a more stiff, structured piece, but its actually a very soft, basic t-shirt style shift dress with a sheer stripe going across the bodice, as well as sheer detail on the sleeves and neckline. I had initially dismissed it because of the red, white and blue color scheme, which typically turns me off, but it may be one of my favorites! I, of course, had to snatch up the Milu tee. I may head back later on in the week and get it in an extra large to wear as a tunic, and maybe grab a couple of things I passed on if they're still available. Ahh, the advantages of living in a small town where few people even care!

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  1. Tell me about, I was at Target the day after and the store was still packed full with all his stuff.