Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY-Spiked iPhone Cover

What You'll Need:
  • 5/8" Tree spikes (25-40 depending on how close together you want them)
  • iPhone Cover (I recommend something slightly more sturdy than a silicon skin, yet still puncturable)
  • Sharp pointy object for making holes (I used a sharp, 1mm screw)
  • Sharpie or pen
I started with this silicon cover, which later ended up being slightly too flimsy.
Lay out spikes to get an idea of how you'd like them spaced out, then mark each spot with a sharpie. Using a pointy object of your choice, begin puncturing holes in the cover for the spikes. I recommend doing one row at a time, then adding in the spikes and making sure the placement is correct before beginning the next row. *Tip: Don't place spikes too close to the camera hole, otherwise the spike will obstruct the camera's view.
 This is what you will end up with. Notice that with this type of cover, tears are already present around the spike placement. That is why I recommend a more sturdy material for the cover.
 And here it is on my phone! While I worked on this one, my boyfriend decided to begin one using my old phone cover, that is made out of more of a plastic material, yet still has some flexibility. After my disappointment of the first one, I finished this second one and couldn't be more pleased!

The cover already had the perfect grid to follow for placing the spikes, and since it was a more sturdy material, they didn't point in all crazy directions like the first one. Unlike the first one, I would definitely feel comfortable carrying this every day without fear of harming it. Love!

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