Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Alright, guys, here's the deal. I've been really trying to work on my clothes makin' skills. I thought I maybe kind of knew what I was doing, but it turns out I'm not the skilled seamstress I once thought. Who knew? I'm going to start doing a few DIY projects and alterations for a little extra practice. I just moved in to a new {smaller} space, and it is currently filled with boxes of my out of service clothing that I'm just hoarding not ready to let go of. So here's my question:

Are there any DIY projects you'd love to see?

I know I always end up obsessing over items with a quadruple digit price tag that I'm just not willing {or able} to pay. Leave a comment with any requests or suggestions and stay tuned for my series on all things fringed!

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