Saturday, April 20, 2013


I'm so so excited to announce that I was chosen as a DIY Expert for the Levi's x LB contest! I will get the chance to visit Sao Paulo, Brazil and co-host a Levi's x Lookbook Global Style Party. It will be my first trip out of the US and I'm beyond thrilled! I can't wait to explore Sao Paulo.

Have any of you ever been to Brazil? I'd love some tips or suggestions!


  1. Hi, I'm actually from São Paulo, so here you go some suggestions:
    Street( the most famous ones)
    -Oscar Freira
    -Jk Iguatemi
    -Parque Ibirapuera
    Random places:
    -Liberdade(kind of a china town)
    -25 de março( A huge street in which you can find stuff for a minimum price)

    Hope it was helpful. Oh, and btw, could you send Adam G. some hugs, I'm a huge fan of him.

    1. Ahh thank you so much! This was very helpful. Now I definitely have a bunch of stuff to add to my "To-Do" list for the trip! Are you currently living in Sao Paulo? You should come out to the party!

    2. I wish I was there, but lookbook sent me the invitation 3 days before the event and I only saw the message in the second day when the restaurant was no longer accepting rsvp's. I was literally crying, but then I decided to go there just by the door to see if I could at least call you and Adam to ask for an autograph and a photo. But an unforeseen ocurred from scratch, so I couldn't go. I feel guilty even today for not openning my email earlier, thi was a HUGE opportunity )': but now it's too late... Anyway, hope you enjoy the trip, and PLEASE if there's still have time, do a meet up here in Sao Paulo, or maybe just tell me a restaurant you both will be going someday I'd L.U.V. to see you guys!!!
      Thanks for the attention, bye ;)

  2. Hi, Ashley.
    I'm in love with your customization.

    I was invited to this party by email. However, I don't know if I'll go. I didn't understand how exactly the purpose of the party. Maybe I'll be displaced.

    Enjoy São Paulo!!!

    1. You should definitely come! There will be a DIY and tailoring station so you can alter your own pair of Levi's, and you'll get to meet the crew and I'm sure tons of other awesome people. I'd love to meet you!

    2. I'll think about it. This Friday morning it will be my master thesis presentation. Maybe I will go to the party to celebrate my master degree. :)

      Are you already here in Brazil?

      After, tell us how it was your stay in Brazil.