Thursday, April 26, 2012

blue hair

Here's my new blue ombre hair! I absolutely love it. I get bored with my hair so easily, so this was definitely a fun change. It makes me want to be even more adventurous with my hair color in the future. What color should I do next?
Also, I spent my day off making bracelets with the boyfriend. I made the small neon pink and white bracelet pictured, and his is this awesome black and gold beaded bracelet with the smokey blue accent. I think we've found a new hobby! They're so much fun to make!


  1. Love it..I would like to try this too but I'm kinda still scared :) Xx

  2. They fit your so beautifully! You look so gorgeous, I love the hair color :)

  3. Looks awesome!! Maybe the next color should be that pretty lilac I've been seeing around, or that bright yellow! Bracelets look dope.

  4. love that bold pink on you... the hair is fun! xoxo