Thursday, February 9, 2012

blahh day

sunglasses-grey dog

These are those awesome sunglasses I mentioned a while back that my boyfriend bought me from Grey Dog, a local vintage boutique. You can check our their facebook here! I'm also wearing my new MAC lipstick, Up the Amp, and my new MAC blush, Well Dressed, although you can't tell much from the low quality photos. I'm on my lunch break browsing around local events I could showcase my art in and all of a sudden I got this intense urge to start painting. Ugh, too bad I have to go back to work in 10 minutes. Why does this always happen to me? I spend most of my days off sitting around bored and useless, then when I have only a few minutes until I need to be somewhere I suddenly get inspired. Hopefully I'll still be in this mood by the time I get off work and finish grocery shopping, unfortunately it will be almost 10 pm by then and I'm sure I'll be ready to crash. I'll have to bring my sketchbook to with me to work now!

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